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Unarmed Guard Services

Unarmed Guard Services

Business owners are responsible for protecting their equipment, valuables and visitors. You are accountable for protecting anyone who visits your property, and this responsibility is nothing to take lightly. Invest in a rigorous security plan by hiring InPRO Protection Specialists for comprehensive security solutions. Unarmed security is one of the most effective options to fortify your site’s defense, and we have the talented security professionals needed to keep your property safe.

InPRO Protection Specialists is an esteemed security solutions provider comprised of top talent. Our security professionals investigate your premises and keep your property secure so you can breathe a little easier. We have a proven track record of success, and clients rely on us for an extensive scope of security needs. 

Active Response to Potential Threats

Unarmed security officers are responsible for completing essential tasks to defend your staff, visitors and property: 

  • Protecting intellectual property and sensitive data
  • Escorting designated personnel
  • Surveying for potential threats and handling them before a situation escalates

Some may believe armed security is the highest level of security, but this isn’t necessarily true for every situation. Unarmed security may provide certain advantages and may better match a business’s unique needs, which is why we begin by assessing your current security measures and identifying places for improvement.  

We are committed to the details, and we ensure we don’t overlook any factors when developing an effective security plan. We investigate any concerns and don’t stop until we ensure your grounds are secured

Who Can Benefit From Unarmed Security Services

Choosing between armed and unarmed security services is an important decision. Adequate security is vital to protecting your assets and all who visit your property, and it’s a major part of your budget. We can help you create a custom security strategy according to your specifications. Our team has extensive experience in serving clients across industries who need unarmed security on hand: 

  • Gatehouses
  • Construction sites
  • Reception desks
  • Warehouses
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Commercial offices
  • And many more. 

If you’re wondering whether unarmed security guards would suit your needs, consider these questions: 

  • Does your property have many high-value items, like cash, jewelry, prescription medications or equipment? 
  • Are you located in an area that has a high violent crime rate? 
  • Do you store top secret or sensitive intellectual property at your site? 

Having our professional team there to protect against crime, trespassers and thieves gives you peace of mind. Our team is your first line of defense and can act quickly to resolve active security threats. We provide budget-conscious security solutions for organizations of all sizes. Talk to our talented, professional team to learn how we can best serve you. 

Talk to Our Security Specialists

Security is most effective when it’s tailored to you. In order to successfully protect your property, you need a team of skilled security guards at your side. InPRO Protection Specialists is ready to provide exactly that as your top choice for protection and investigative services. Contact us today to schedule a risk assessment and discover how we can enhance your security. 


Our team is growing. If you are interested in private security, click the link to learn about employment opportunities.


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