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Preventing the worst is often possible by establishing a detailed security plan, which we can assist you with. Yet it often helps to have additional measures in place to confirm your team’s safety. Even with a rigorous security strategy in place, there may be unexpected emergencies that catch you and your staff off guard. The best option is preparation.

At InPRO Protection Specialists, we prepare your employees through detailed training courses. We share our knowledge and first-hand experience as former law enforcement professionals to transfer key skills related to self-defense, crisis management, evacuation drills, and more. Preparation is essential to mitigating risks, so by investing in security training courses, you are securing a safer future for your employees

Security Training on Key Topics

There are many threats facing employees in the workforce today. Incidents can make your staff feel uncomfortable or unsafe while on the job. What’s more, confusion during these situations can make matters worse. Your business likely already has a security plan established, but it’s always a good idea to review your policy and ensure employees fully understand it. Every organization has unique security challenges that your plan should address, and our security specialists can help you determine the areas of weakness that require attention. 

Training their employees is one of the best measures against a disastrous outcome. Ensuring that your employees act according to industry safety standards serves as a defense in an urgent situation. Our security guards offer education on the following topics, which are integral to an employee’s safety: 

  • Workplace violence
  • Sexual harassment
  • Supervision
  • Handling confrontations
  • Customer service

Each of these training courses combines expert-provided education with hands-on exercises in a controlled setting. Using a range of teaching methods allows our clients to respond mindfully to urgent situations. Preparing in advance increases confidence: empower your staff by working with our security professionals.  

Objective Security Solutions

We use security strategies based on objective data for maximum efficacy. You deserve to be confident knowing your security plan will work in a crisis, and ample training can prevent the worst outcomes. We take the time to ensure that your team knows not just which policies to follow, but also what makes these guidelines so important.

When in an actual emergency situation, employees will draw on their experiences in our training courses. Education is infallible in that your staff will always have the knowledge and can continuously update through future practice sessions. Our training classes are suitable for individuals with all levels of security training. Whether your staff is completely new to self-defense or you wish to brush up on familiar topics, our classes offer exactly what you need. 

Prepare Your Employees Through Security Training

Security training is an investment that supports a safer work environment. By the end of the program, your employees will be equipped with the skills needed to react appropriately in a crisis. InPRO Protection Specialists delivers industry-standard coursework and drills to fully prepare your team. Contact us today for further information about our security training classes.


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