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More than ever, schools are concerned with safety. School shootings aren’t the only threat. Violence, bullying, fires, and drugs are only a few of the many dangers that affect educational establishments today. A guard at the door isn’t enough: school districts face immense pressure to take action, and most need a security plan that accounts for visiting parents, kids arriving and leaving, extracurricular activities, and more. Keep students and staff safe with InPRO Protection Specialists. Your educational community will feel at ease with a proper procedure and plan established. 

Security Specialists With an Unwavering Resolve

InPRO Protection Specialists is committed to helping local school districts optimize their security protocols. A full-scope, comprehensive security plan is most successful in reducing response times and the risks of an active shooter event. Even if your existing plan complies with state standards, we will ensure it upholds the degree of safety your students and their parents deserve. 

The purpose of a school security plan is to guarantee that a school campus is prepared to act in the instance of crime, natural disaster, interpersonal conflict, or an active shooter. To accomplish this, we build a plan that most effectively uses security personnel, training, and resources. Our mission is to improve the hard security measures that are already in place. 

Importance of School Security

When used alongside emergency management and physical security measures, a threat assessment model provides key information for securing a school. These procedures understand that students may be involved in various incidents and that while the majority of these will not be life-threatening or violent, they still need intervention. Schools should have a low threshold for intervention so that they can identify distressed students before the situation escalates. While this is ideal, every school should have an action plan in place to prevent confusion in the case of a pressing situation, such as a physical altercation. 

We provide several measures to achieve complete security: 

  • Overnight Campus Patrols. After the final bell of the school day has rung and your staff has returned home, who is left to protect your school campus? We partner with administrators to provide campus patrols beyond regular school hours. Experienced officers survey the property for vandalism, loitering, and other prohibited activities. We provide reports after each patrol so administrators are continuously updated on the security status.
  • Security Technology. School organizations should be completely focused on providing outstanding education, and having the right security technology in place allows them to do so. We can strategically place security cameras and more to ensure no corner of the school is overlooked.
  • Event Security. We recognize that events present administrators with many unexpected challenges. When you’re hosting an event, we can provide essential security services, such as bag check-ins, pedestrian assistance, and crowd control.

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Schools will stay safe with InPRO Protection Specialists. Our custom security plans encompass a broad range of needs and deliver 24/7 protection to keep your students and staff safe. Contact us today to begin exploring your options.


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