Patrol, Surveillance, Roving Security Officers

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Patrol, Surveillance, Roving Security Officers

Patrol, Surveillance, & Roving Security Officers

Whether you run a manufacturing plant or a residential complex, it’s easy to underestimate all of the ways your grounds can be breached. What’s more, every business has a unique layout, meaning you need custom solutions that are tailored to your property’s specifications. In order to double down security at all weak points, businesses with extensive or very large grounds can benefit from having a security team that actively surveys all parts of their property. 

InPRO Protection Specialists provide patrol, surveillance and roving security officers to establish detailed surveillance at all hours of the day. We handle all of your security needs with the greatest flexibility and customer service so you can focus on other matters. Discuss your goals with us to build a security strategy that takes your safety to the next level. 

What Is Patrol, Surveillance and Roving Security?

Unlike other forms of security, roving security officers are not assigned to a fixed base where they primarily survey for threats. Instead, these officers complete patrols throughout their entire shift to check every part of a property. Patrols can be done on foot, with a vehicle or both. The purpose of patrol and surveillance is to spot potential dangers ahead of time and intervene before a crime takes place. An integrated security strategy is tailored to your needs: 

  • Ongoing vigilance both day and night for maximum security
  • GPS tracking to check in with officers and monitor their activity
  • Budget-friendly professional security solutions 
  • Experienced officers who react fast when something doesn’t seem right

By catching potential threats before they escalate, security guards can act quickly to protect people and property. 

Who Would Benefit From Roving Security?

Mobile patrol security offers certain benefits for businesses with large properties: 

  • Continuous Surveillance. Organizations with larger grounds can benefit from having roving security guards who actively cover all areas of your property. Blind spots, entryways and other vulnerable areas are constantly monitored as we navigate your premises on foot or in a vehicle. Routine checks give you peace of mind knowing every corner of your property is secured.  
  • Visible Presence. Visible security can significantly bolster your defense and scare away threats. When a potential criminal sees our team keeping a watchful eye on your property, they’ll be deterred from going through with their plans. Our team is vigilant and prepared to handle any emergency, and we’ll demonstrate that with our attentive roving security guards.  
  • Fast-Acting Officers. Our team is trained to handle an extensive range of situations. As former law enforcement officers, we have what it takes to act quickly to resolve threats and identify suspicious activity on sight. We instantly notify relevant supervisors and police to prevent a disaster.

Regular patrols ensure that your company is secured and equipped with licensed professionals who can act accordingly should someone trespass on your grounds. InPRO Protection Specialists delivers top talent for your security needs. Our roving patrol officers are here to protect your business.

Choose the Best Roving Security Guards and Patrol Officers

If your grounds are extensive, roving security guards are an excellent choice to ensure your bases are covered. InPRO Protection Specialists implements custom security solutions. We can instantly prevent threats from escalating into an incident and resolve matters with professionalism and precision. Call us today to learn more about hiring our trained professionals to routinely monitor your entire property. 


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