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Security threats can harm your company and put your employee’s livelihoods at stake. Robbery, vandalism, and violence are just a few of the potential issues that may happen on your public or private premises. To mitigate the risks, you need to take action. Investing in a custom security plan that involves a thorough security risk assessment can prevent these incidents. Identify threats to your staff and talk to InPRO Protection Specialists to determine what measures can be implemented to manage risks.

Security Risks for Businesses

All organizations face unique threats. Criminal activity can strike at any time, and often these attacks are carried out when you are most vulnerable. Having an on-premises security guard is essential to protecting your assets, staff and visitors. Our security guards act immediately when an incident occurs. Responding to situations at the soonest opportunity ensures that risk to property and life is significantly lowered. Our team completes boundary control, provides a physical guard presence, and delivers outstanding customer service to uphold your highest expectations for the experience you have with us. 

The first step to bolstering a premises’ security is to complete a full-scale security risk assessment. This test identifies weaknesses in your current security measures and helps our professionals determine what solutions may suit your exact needs.

A security risk assessment will survey the following aspects of your property: 

  • Fences, windows, doors, and gates
  • Landscaping, signage, and building
  • Lighting
  • Surveillance technology and alarms
  • Camera monitoring
  • Cash handling
  • Parking lots
  • Security staff

Managing these security risks is a matter of having a solid plan in place. When an unexpected emergency occurs, you need a trained team on your premises to respond immediately. Every moment matters in an urgent situation, and confusion can lead to significant consequences. The information gathered from our security risk assessment allows us to advise you on the right choices when forming a custom plan. Every organization has unique needs, so we fulfill your highest expectations through outstanding services, no matter your exact requirements. 

Experienced Security Guards and Protection Specialists Support Your Goals

Implementing a security plan requires training, knowledge and a keen understanding of your premises’ strengths and weaknesses. InPRO Protection Specialists uses our extensive knowledge in a range of security services to ensure your goals are met. When assessing your building’s layout, as well as the exterior, we consider exit placements, adequate lighting, spacious layouts and secure cash exchange counters for maximum diligence all around. 

Some businesses choose to appoint security guards at entrances or exits, and this may be recommended in your case, too. Patrol teams can assess the safety of your premises at all hours of the day. A responsive team allows you to relax knowing that an experienced guard is watching. Physical deterrents to threats are highly effective. 

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InPRO Protection Specialists proudly serve clients in a range of industries. We deliver exceptional security services and innovative solutions to enhance the security of your premises. To get started, call our experienced team today to learn more about our security risk assessments.


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