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No one is immune to fire risk. Fires cause extensive, irreversible damage that can put others in physical danger and cost significant amounts of money. That’s why a prevention and management plan is essential to any business. When an emergency strikes, your priority is to protect your employees, visitors, and property. Building a fire protection plan ensures that all bases are covered when a drastic situation occurs. InPRO Protection Specialists help you create a custom fire safety plan that’s optimized for your exact needs. Contact our security professionals today to discuss your options. 

Comprehensive Fire Protection Solutions

Fire strikes when you least expect it. Just like natural disasters, fires lead to uncontrollable situations that require quick thinking to preserve life and property. With this in mind, it’s no wonder that a detailed fire protection plan is essential. Fire protection planning allows you to achieve the following for a safer environment: 

  • Implement an Evacuation Plan. Responding to emergencies is much more straightforward when everyone is aware of their own responsibilities. Develop and implement a thorough fire emergency evacuation plan that specifies how and when to respond, as well as a method of escape. Include any specific accommodations that employees may need in the strategy.
  • Build a Fire Prevention Plan. A fire protection plan can list the staff members in charge of locating combustible materials, fire dangers, and heat-generating equipment. It also describes the steps required to avoid possible crises. All staff members should be familiar with the fire protection strategy, which should also be made in writing and always accessible for review. 
  • Train Staff Members. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) both mandate that workers get yearly fire extinguisher training. Each employee should go through the necessary training and be informed of any new or revised rules. 
  • Maintain Emergency and Exit Lights. Implement a regular maintenance program to inspect lights and swap out burned-out or damaged bulbs. Doing so will guarantee that exit routes are always illuminated. Additionally, test the exit lights and emergency backup power frequently to ensure they are working. 

With InPRO Protection Specialists, you’ll create a fire management strategy that maximizes safety. We recognize that no two premises are the same in terms of layout. We uphold industry standards and ensure your premises adhere to national and state fire safety codes. 

The Importance of a Fire Protection Plan

Fire is notoriously destructive. A building can become engulfed in flames in mere minutes, so evacuation is of the highest priority. Irreversible damage to your property and even loss of life are very real consequences of a fire. Fortunately, you can mitigate the risks by establishing a detailed fire protection plan that’s customized to you. Establishing clear guidelines for your clients and employees to follow in an emergency cuts the risk of injury, death and damage to property. Fire protection plans save lives, and the more in-depth your plan is, the better prepared you’ll be.

Build a Fire Protection Strategy Alongside Our Experts

Build an effective fire protection strategy alongside InPRO Protection Specialists. Contact our security experts today to discuss all aspects of fire safety. 


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