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More than ever, event security is important. Large gatherings of people can lead to many dangerous and unexpected situations, leading to injuries and property damage. Anything from crowd control to disaster management should be under your radar as you develop a sound, optimal plan. Our team at InPRO Protection Specialists is ready to assist you. We have extensive knowledge of creating effective safety plans for events of all sizes, both public and private, and our trained staff is prepared to support you in any way that we can. 

Event Security: From Crowd Control and Beyond

Any large gathering can lead to unexpected complications. Crowds can create significant noise or messes, and so it’s important to keep the crowd under control. Proper supervision at an event is essential to a successful security strategy. In many cases, this includes a combination of security measures, since having crowd management measures in place can prevent a disaster. 

We integrate several event security measures into your strategy:

  • Risk Assessment. We identify potential threats and vulnerabilities at your venue. Our strategy determines how these will be prevented or mitigated. In some cases, such as events involving high-profile individuals, a K-9 sweep may be recommended before and after the event. 
  • Evacuation Plans. If an emergency occurs, you need to know where guests will evacuate. Find a central meeting place outside the venue to direct guests and strategize the emergency exits that will be used. Rapid implementation and notification of an emergency are a must.
  • Crowd Management. Anytime an event involves a large crowd, there should be measures in place to ensure safe escape and crisis management. We can help you create evacuation plans and have staff on duty survey the event.
  • Event Credentials. Access control is also an important consideration, so you can restrict who is allowed to access the premise or event. Having criteria, such as a guest list or checking for tickets, ensures that only those who are meant to be there can enter. We can also help you determine what kind of identification would be helpful to have guests provide. 

We approach every security plan with your specific needs in mind. We have provided security staff for all kinds of events, including festivals, charity events, and those involving high-profile or executive individuals. 

Our highly trained staff uses our experience to surpass your expectations. No event is too large or small for us. Our security personnel has law enforcement training and a rich background serving all kinds of clients, meaning we are able to provide the outstanding security solutions that you deserve. 

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InPRO Protection Specialists ensures every aspect of your event is safe. We thoroughly assess your risks and create a strategic plan executed by our staff alongside yours. We want to deliver the best services possible for our clients, and we continuously work hard to exceed your expectations as we provide a superior level of security services. Call us today to see how we can assist you. 


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