Security Services

Security Services

Security Services

At InPRO Protection Specialists, we recognize that there’s no universal approach to security. There are many factors impacting a premise’s security, as well as the potential crime that can happen when you least expect it. Regardless, having a trained, skilled security team on your premises is a worthy investment that will keep your clients and staff safe.

We are committed to providing elite security services that match your specific needs, whether that’s patrol, alarms and camera monitoring, access monitoring, fire prevention, and more. We offer a full range of security strategies to uphold our clients’ unique demands. We complete a security assessment to determine which of our services would be best for your needs. You’ll feel confident with our team there to assist you. Below are just a few possibilities to include in your security plan. Our professionals can offer additional advice to ensure your strategy delivers the peace of mind you deserve.  

Who We Serve

Our skilled security guards serve clients in many industries. Most commonly, we work with commercial clients, including construction companies, federal agencies, and businesses. We provide front desk agents and government contract services. We also are happy to work with residential clients, too. 

Armed & Unarmed Guard Services

Armed and unarmed security both play an important role in a security strategy. Having physical guards there to keep a watchful eye out for criminal activity and respond accordingly in an emergency situation. Our security guards can also dress in plain clothes for undercover surveillance. Off-duty officers provide rapid security response and are qualified to exceed standard requirements. We apply advanced strategies for maximum safety. 

Specialized Services

Our clients come to us with a wide range of needs in mind. In order to meet our clients’ individual demands, we deliver specialized security services to fulfill a wide range of needs. Our security officers can be scheduled for patrol, surveillance and roving movements to protect every inch of your property. We also deliver secure escort transportation to ensure passengers at an elevated risk of criminal activity safely make it to their destination.

We also provide expertly trained K9 security dogs, executive protection, and protection for high-value assets. Keep what’s most important to you safe from theft or violence with the help of our talented security team. 

Custom Solutions

Given that no security plan will suit every need, a custom solution is sometimes needed for maximum protection. A few of the options include security assessments and consulting, which allows our team to thoroughly examine your current security and identify potential places that may put you at risk. Additionally, our concierge security services and investigative options also offer insightful information to boost your premises’ safety. 

Building an effective strategy requires careful examination to see where your weakest points are. By applying a solution to fill those gaps—whether that includes security guards, surveillance, or a specialty service—you’ll be impressed by what our team accomplishes. Contact us today to discover which services are right for you.


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