At InPRO Protection Specialists, we pride ourselves on delivering superior protection and investigative services. Our clients’ safety and concerns are our top priorities. We continuously follow our vision, which is to deliver unwavering support to keep your organization safe from a full range of threats. Below, we explore a few of the most common questions our security professionals receive regarding our services. For individualized advice, contact us, and we’d be happy to discuss your needs at a consultation. 

What Types of Clients Do You Serve?

No matter what industry your organization is in, security should be a priority. An effective security plan is a worthy investment, and in many cases, it’s required by state and federal laws. Ensure yours upholds legal standards with the help of our team. We’ve worked with school districts, casinos, apartment complexes, retail stores, churches, private event organizers, and more. We also are involved with governmental agencies and construction companies in need of dependable protection and surveillance.

What Are Your Qualifications?

Our security professionals have firsthand experience in mitigating risks associated with crime, crowd control, executive protection, and more. Many of our security guards have a long history in law enforcement and are retired from the field. We also have a career private sector professional with 30 years of experience on our team. We complete detailed background checks to find the most qualified individuals for the job, and every guard undergoes vigorous training. We use a combination of hands-on experience and formal education to deliver exceptional services. No matter what you need from our team, you can set your expectations high.

What Is Included In Your Services?

Since each of our client’s needs varies, we approach every job with your specific goals in mind. Our security services encompass a wide range, as there are many aspects to an effective, comprehensive security plan. Depending on your premises, the experience levels of your staff, and the scale of the event, we may recommend different combinations of specialized services, armed or unarmed guards, and custom solutions. We can perform a security assessment first and discuss what services may benefit you at a consultation.

How Do I Know If I Should Hire You?

Hiring a security team means giving us the honor of defending your organization. We don’t take that opportunity for granted: you will be impressed by the outstanding work we accomplish. Whether we’re discussing your goals at a consultation or patrolling your grounds as security guards on duty, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail we bring to all that we do. We want to keep you and your staff safe, so hiring us is an effective measure, no matter what threats your organization faces.

Should I Train My Staff in Security?

Hiring our team is one of the best investments you can make. However, you can further increase your safety by training and educating your employees on many aspects of security. We provide training services where we pass our first-hand knowledge onto you. Knowing how to act in an emergency situation clears up confusion and maximizes the chances of a safe outcome, so training is well worth your time.


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