Security Guards Near Me

Security Guards Near Me

Security Guards Near Me

Defending against threats means implementing a detailed security strategy. Many crimes can occur on all types of public and private premises, so deterring these threats requires a capable team. InPRO Protection delivers a range of services throughout Northwest Indiana. We’re here to assist you in any way that we can as your most trusted team. By partnering with us, you’ll enjoy increased safety and peace of mind knowing that our team is prepared to act in an emergency. When you’re searching for dependable ‘“security guards near me,” turn to our team for outstanding quality when you need it the most. 

What Is a Security Guard?

A security guard is a trained patrol officer who provides surveillance and protection to people, assets and property. Facilities use security guards to keep staff and equipment safe at all hours of the day. Security guards can be hired to protect individuals, too, such as executives and high-profile people who may be at an increased risk for criminal activity. 

InPRO Protection is comprised of talented security guards who have first-hand experience in military and law enforcement. We have successfully protected VIPs, provided crowd control and nightly patrols and more for our clients in the past. We use our diverse experience to achieve a higher level of safety for you. 

Our Security Services

InPRO Protection delivers a full range of professional security solutions. We understand that your needs are different than anyone else’s, and we address these unique needs by generating a strategy that suits your specific goals. We begin with a consultation where we discuss our services and help you select the ones that match your vision. We can also schedule a full security assessment to identify areas in your security that could be improved and make recommendations based on the findings. As a result, you receive comprehensive security and the reassurance of knowing your grounds are protected. 

  • On-Premise Guards. No matter what kind of facility you have, our security guards will protect your staff and assets. We’re trained to handle many emergency situations and mitigate threats as soon as they strike. 
  • Patrol Security. Our mobile patrol security services are tailored to your needs. We perform patrols day and night to confirm that your site is secured. 
  • Video Surveillance. Camera monitoring keeps a watchful eye on your assets when you can’t. We work with industry experts to monitor your premises via video surveillance. 
  • Consulting. We ensure that your security plan meets national standards and compliance. We perform risk assessments and create custom plans based on our first-hand knowledge and proven strategies. 
  • Safety Training. We deliver custom safety training regimens to suit your business. A diverse learning format allows us to adequately prepare your staff to act properly in an emergency. 

Partnering with us means we always have your back. Our friendly, responsive team is happy to answer your questions. 

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InPRO Protection works closely with you to develop a custom procedure to protect your business’s equipment, staff and property. Call us today to book a consultation.


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