Schererville Security Guards

Schererville Security Guards

Schererville Security Guards

Security is a major concern. Whether you’re hosting a large event or need to optimize your school’s safety procedures, InPRO Protection offers expert advice. We help protect what’s most important through deliberate security strategies that maximize efficacy and lower the risks associated with criminal activity. Contact us today to discuss what our Schererville security guards can do for you. 

Our Mission

At InPRO Protection, we deliver superior services. We’ve covered everything from large-scale events to personal bodyguard needs, meaning we have first-hand experience. Our security team has an expansive knowledge of law enforcement and self-defense, and we use our skills as we prepare your organization and train your staff. We are fully committed to keeping your company safe. 

Confidentiality, integrity and transparency are at the foundation of what we do. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and we offer superior assistance in all areas of security. 

The Advantages of Schererville Security Guards

Hiring security guards boosts security in every aspect. Having trained professionals there to handle an emergency situation can help you avoid severe consequences. Many of our security professionals are former law enforcement officers and hold first-hand experience in all kinds of security needs. 

Having a team of armed or unarmed security guards provides so many benefits. Ensuring that all corners of your premises are safe is difficult on your own. We have a trained eye and can handle any emergencies that arise. Disaster management is important, even with a security plan that aims to prevent such situations. We will take the steps necessary to keep your premises safe. This may include patrolling, uniformed guards, plain-clothed surveillance and more, depending on your exact strategy. 

Our Services

Our security solutions uphold industry requirements and are tailored to your specific needs. Some of our offerings include: 

  • Armed & Unarmed Guard Services. Guards are physically present on your premises to act accordingly in hazardous situations. We provide armed and unarmed guards, and we arrive dressed in uniform or plain clothing for undercover defense. 
  • Specialized Services. Specialized security services cover all of your needs. We provide K-9 security, protection of high-value assets, executive protection and more. 
  • Custom Solutions. When your organization has unique needs, we deliver a range of custom solutions to suit your goals. We complete security assessments and consult you on the findings so you know the exact weaknesses in your security. We also deliver concierge security services for immediate defense at your front desk. 

No matter what services you require, we carry them out with the diligence and dedication that you deserve. We’re proud to be a team of professionals that so many local businesses throughout Indiana and Illinois rely on. 

Contact Our Security Professionals to Get Started 

It’s never too late to revise your security strategy. You need something that is more than just fulfilling basic requirements: a detailed, comprehensive plan maximizes safety and gives you the peace of mind that you deserve. Call InPRO Protection today to discuss your needs. We look forward to assisting you!


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