Northwest Indiana Security Guards

Northwest Indiana Security Guards

Northwest Indiana Security Guards

Security is essential to your safety. Whether you’re hoping to protect people or property, a detailed security plan reduces the risks, especially when created by a team of experts. InPRO Protection fulfills all of your security needs. We enlist experienced Northwest Indiana security guards to protect your property. From crowd management to VIP protection, our custom security services are tailored to your goals. Talk to us today to learn how we can best serve you. 

What Is a Security Guard?

A security guard is a trained guard employed by individuals and organizations to protect property and other people from crime. Security guards complete a full list of duties, including grounds patrol, VIP protection, surveillance and more. They work for schools, retail stores,  office buildings, governmental agencies and many other entities. 

Our security guards have extensive training in preventing and mitigating criminal threats. Many of our guards are former law officers and have formal experience working as emergency responders. We can serve as crowd control or perform nightly grounds surveillance to protect your property 24/7. 

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Northwest Indiana Security Guards?

Ample protection is a worthy investment. Having guards on-site allows you to better protect your employees, clients and property from criminal activity.

  • Immediate Response. Security guards are ready to act. When there’s an issue on your premises, we respond immediately to mitigate the threat before the situation escalates. This quick response time is key to protecting life and property. 
  • Confidence. Knowing that we are prepared to help you at a moment’s notice lets you confidently focus on other matters. Your employees, students or customers will also feel at ease. 
  • Protection. Simply put, security guards provide better protection. We are trained to solve many security risks and are prepared for the worst. Our work is defined by our commitment to you, so we go above and beyond. 

Simply having a security guard in sight lets your visitors know they’re protected and that you care about their safety. We can provide armed and unarmed security as well as off-duty police officers, depending on your exact needs. 

We Offer Full Security Solutions for Private and Public Needs

At InPRO Protection, our services go beyond security guards and patrolling. Our other solutions include: 

  • Specialized Services: A few possibilities include surveillance, escort, K9 security and protection of executive individuals and high-value assets. 
  • Custom Solutions: Our custom solutions are tailored to your needs. We perform security assessments, offer concierge services and complete investigations. 
  • Security Training: We train your staff to be prepared to act in an emergency. Our security training courses cover a variety of topics and offer first-hand experience taught by experts. 

Call Us Today to Discuss Your Goals

A protection strategy keeps what’s most important to you safe. Organizations of all kinds, as well as certain individuals, can benefit from hiring Northwest Indiana security guards. InPRO Protection is committed to delivering exceptional services at every opportunity. We’ll recommend our services based on your individual security goals. Call today to begin.


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