Hobart Security Guards

Hobart Security Guards

Hobart Security Guards

Today, businesses and individuals face countless threats. Schools have seen an uptick in violence, and retailers need to be prepared for theft and vandalism. Understandably, you can’t be everywhere when you’re already managing your daily obligations, so you should hire a professional team to keep a watch on what’s most important. InPRO Protection delivers a range of security services to keep you safe. We offer comprehensive solutions to maximize safety in a variety of situations, making our team the one you can depend on. By hiring our Hobart security guards, you can focus on what’s important while we strategize a defense. Call us today to discuss your security needs.  

What Is a Security Guard?

A security guard is a person who protects people or assets from violence, theft and other crimes. Security guards are hired to protect individuals as well as public and private property. Schools, retail stores, construction companies and other entities can benefit from hiring security guards for 24/7 surveillance. 

These individuals are highly trained to handle a wide range of urgent situations. InPRO Protection offers fire protection, video surveillance and monitoring to establish a detailed security plan that encompasses all of your needs. Enlisting a team of security guards provides several benefits:

  • Deters Crime in the Workplace. Professional security guards keep your facility safe. Our guards do so by lowering the risk of crime, including theft, assault and more. We are trained to spot signs of suspicious activity right away, and we take measures to prevent the situation from worsening. As a result, your employees and visitors stay safe. 
  • Increases Sense of Security. Hiring security guards instantly increases your property’s sense of security. Just having uniformed security guards in sight can make everyone feel more at ease. If you choose plain-clothed guards for a special event, for instance, you’ll feel better knowing there are trained individuals ready to handle an emergency situation if necessary. 
  • Better Customer Service. By hiring security guards, you can enhance the customer experience that you provide. We can assist visitors with various requests, such as providing directions or escorting them through the parking lot. You can deliver an improved customer experience without needing to hire more staff members for these duties. 
  • Efficiently Handling Security Problems. We’re industry professionals, meaning we know how to quickly address a security problem. We have the necessary skills and knowledge to stop an incident from escalating and prevent unlawful invasion or crime. Security guards can also help you prepare a report when an incident happens, as well as interview witnesses and perform a safety risk assessment. 
  • Fast Response Time. Rather than waiting for law enforcement to arrive, having professionals on-site to instantly mitigate risks can save lives. We deliver fast response time to prevent injuries and other complications from a security breach. 

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When you need unparalleled security, InPRO Protection has your back. Contact us today to learn what our Hobart security guards can accomplish for you.


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