Crown Point Security Guards

Crown Point Security Guards

Crown Point Security Guards

InPRO Protection is committed to providing world-class security services. We’re licensed to work in Indiana and Illinois, and we serve clients in a range of industries. Our security services are suitable for events, schools, churches, retail stores, construction sites and industrial properties. We ensure your organization is fully prepared through expert-provided security drill training and surveillance. Contact us today to request a free security assessment. 

Increase Your Premises’ Safety By Hiring Crown Point Security Guards

We offer security services for many kinds of premises. Our security strategies integrate indoor and outdoor patrol with surveillance cameras for extensive grounds coverage. Our safety planning considers every aspect of your building’s security:

  • Access control
  • Video monitoring
  • Fire safety
  • Emergency management plans
  • Active shooter drills
  • Evacuation plans
  • Workplace violence procedures
  • Communication technology

A successful security plan can prevent and mitigate the risks of theft, robberies, assaults and other dangerous situations. As these incidents become more commonplace, adequate planning needs to be done to ensure your employees and guests are safe. 

Our security guards are licensed, insured and bonded, and we have years of experience behind us as active or former law enforcement officers. Whether you need guards who are unarmed or armed, we deliver the exact expertise you are searching for. 

Who We Serve

Every organization can benefit from increased security, although there are a few types of premises that particularly are at a higher risk for emergency situations. These include: 

  • Schools. Today, school corporations face a range of issues: school shooting threats, drugs, violence, and gangs are only a few examples. Adn\ministrators need to make careful decisions regarding security since traditional measures are often ineffective. With safety procedures and security measures in place, both students, parents and staff alike will feel at ease. 
  • Construction Areas. Construction sites carry certain security risks, such as theft of materials, vandalism, graffiti and other crimes. Fires and flooding can also put a construction zone in jeopardy. By having a trained, alert security guard at the site, as well as with other security measures, you’ll keep your industrial property safe. 
  • Executive Protection. Our law enforcement personnel are qualified to provide specialized protection to high-profile individuals. These clients are sometimes targeted by criminal activity and will benefit from having our officers at their side. 
  • Events. When many people gather together, the chances of an incident occurring can be catastrophic. Having proper security in place allows all guests to enjoy their time—while event organizers can know that everyone is protected. We can build a management plan as well as appoint trained officers to be physically present.

Contact InPRO Protection to Review Your Options

Building a security plan is the first step towards protecting what’s most important. InPRO Protection offers experienced guidance in creating a successful plan. Call us today to discuss your goals and learn how we can assist you.


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